Is Darwinism Science?

Darwinian evolutionist have been very successful in deceiving the world that Darwinian evolution is science. When in fact the majority of Darwinists are Atheists with an atheistic agenda. It has become a religion with high priests and priestesses. No one is allowed to challenge their material naturalistic beliefs. In a statement on evolution from their book Miller and Levine writes,

What does Evolution Teach About a Creator? Nothing. Evolution is a scientific theory and, like other scientific theories, has nothing to say about spiritual matters.

Oh if only that is true. Atheistic evolutionists are hiding under the guise of science to supplant all other forms of religion with their materialistic god. The worst kind of deceivers are the ones that deceive themselves. Some of these religious Darwinists honestly do not know that they are worshipping their brand of god. Like a victim of a cult they are blind to the lies of their beliefs. Like other cult victims they need to be deprogrammed from their brainwashing.

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